Digital Drafting & Design Arts

Being able to draw well is a very useful skill. For designers, it’s a key factor in success. We need to communicate ideas and information, in accurate and interesting ways. This, in all aspects,  is what I teach in my classes at ITT Technical Institute.

A lot has changed in the way of tools, and the results that designers and draftspeople have available to them today. The drawing above is a pen and ink sketch I did 12 years ago, it has been reversed in Photoshop.  The software program a lot of us use is AutoCAD 2012, or some of the other AutoDesk Products like Revit, Civil 3D, Inventor, Maya, and 3D Max. Also, in presentation work, Adobe products like PhotoShop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Muse, Premier, Flash and In Design to just name a few other applications that make creating web pages, print media, and animations.

Here is a project I have done. This is in AutoCAD. This is a screen shot of the drawing of lighting and electrical plan for an electrical contracting firm, Kogap,  for a convention space in Southern Oregon. There was a 3D model of the space, but these were the working drawings for the electricians and contractor.

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