Mind Map

Our assignment this week was to make a mind map. That is to think a problem or idea through, create a chart that shows how all the ideas are related or connected to each other. The subject matter of our map is to be our learning network as described in Connectivism and Adult Education. As Instructional Designers we will need to make assessments, present ideas and document plans. This is a format where a designer can use special software, such as Webspiration, or to use any other program so long as it is quick and easy. I followed he excellent directions but since I am familair with other software that allows me to focus on the project instead of struggling with the learning how to use the software. So I used my own preferred design tool, AutoCAD, which isn’t supposed to be a graphic design proram. To me it is just a drawing board that I can draw anything on. I don’t have to think about the commands, so it frees my attention from. Then I created a text style, something simple, and typed in  all the words/ideas. Then as they were indiidual text and not multiline text, I could move them. So I arranged them as I thought they were relevant. Finally when I was sure that I had all the words and relationships right I looked into how to make it graphically clean. A little more moving and tweaking.  When I use AutoCAD I work on a black background, so after I finished my drawing I used a program called Snaggit to capture the image on my screen and turn it into a jpg file.  Then I cropped it to the relevant image.  After that, just for visual interest, I took it into PhotoShop and applied an artistic filter to make it look likeI had drawn the chart as a chalk drawing on a blackboard. I don’t know if it is too hard to read to do this for an illustration for this blog, but in a presentation I think that “artwork” as opposed to mere text, makes it more interesting? What do you think?

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