Why you might be interested in my blog

This is my first online class and if you are interested in the process or the subject matter, which is Instructional Design, I hope you will read and respond and be part of the conversation. If  you are thinking about what level of work and responsibility is involved in being a successful online student, as I do intend to be successful, my notes might be of interest to you. More likely, your advice might be useful to me.

I bring my own unique perspective to this project. over 30 years of adult education teaching and training experince. Way more years than that in being an avid observer of what people believe and where they get their ideas. This is all pretty “down to earth” when working with people who have been displaced from their jobs in Southern Oregon and don’t want to leave their lives and homes and security behind. This is all very personal to me as an older woman who wants meaningful employment and knows there is much to contribute from my existing experience and what I can still learn.

3 thoughts on “Why you might be interested in my blog

    • Nice to meet you Priya. Where are you studying, where do you live? Please share your experiences with me too? I am trying to figure out how to organize all the new information coming at me. Got any thoughts on that?

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